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stainless steel lice comb

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Pet Flea Comb Steel Brush Hair Comb Dog Grooming Trimmer Cute Pet Cat Dog Comb 

The stainless steel lice comb is a professional pet cleaning tool. It is mainly used for daily cleaning of pets. The high-density pillow made of high-quality stainless steel is bright and clean, allowing fleas to hide and opening knots easily. It can effectively remove the dust between the fur and the shed hair, and remove fleas. The ergonomic rubber handle or plastic handle design makes it more convenient for you to use.

How to use stainless steel lice comb: After bathing and drying your pet's hair, use a slightly clockwise comb to easily remove the shed hair and lice in the fur. After use, please clean the comb thoroughly, wipe it dry and save it for next use.

Yangzhou Huating Brush Co.,Ltd. professional nit lice comb, stainless steel lice comb expert from China. We can provide you with professional customized services, and there are more preferential prices, please contact us.

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