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pet hair removal artifact

pet hair removal artifact

The pet brush massager from China manufacturer will introduce the hair removal artifact in your life.

pet brush massager from China manufacturer
Rubber gloves
It is the kind of gloves that you can wear at home for washing clothes and cleaning, and you can buy them in any grocery store. It is a well-deserved cat hair removal artifact. It is very cheap, easy to buy, easy to use, and can be recycled. Rubber products are very effective in cleaning cat hair. Put on gloves, and brush directly with your hands wherever you want to clean. It can take into account the edges, corners and ravines. It is quite refreshing to use and has high efficiency. A little bit of water on the gloves works better and prevents cat hair from flying all over the sky. Its cleaning power is still good, and it can remove most of the cat hair, but in the end there will be a little bit of fine hair left. Brushing tools including rubber gloves are generally suitable for thicker fabrics such as bed sheets, sofas, carpets, cat climbing frames, etc., and are not suitable for soft and delicate clothing fabrics.
Scotch tape
Using tape to clean cat hair is actually a bit cumbersome. You have to keep pulling and cutting the tape. If the area to be cleaned is relatively large, it is still quite laborious, so tape is not suitable for cleaning beds, sofas, etc.
Electrostatic Dusting Sticky Gloves
Its material is quite special, it is a layer of velvet with a slight hardness. I am not sure whether it is the principle of electrostatic sticking, but this material is really very useful for the bristles, and it can stick a lot of hairs with one swipe.