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You must know these things before pet grooming!

You must know these things before pet grooming!

Now becoming beautiful has become a fashion. Not only is the human beauty industry becoming more and more in demand, pet grooming has also become a fashion. Pet grooming not only includes bathing, but also various styling for pets to make your own pets beautiful and cute. For example, pet dog hair clean, look at the expression of pet dog, you know that they are still very acceptable for beauty.

pet dog comb

Grooming pets is a technical task, so shit shovel officers have to know a little about pet grooming.

Now let’s find out what little knowledge we have!

1. Under normal circumstances, pet nail grooming should be done once every two weeks. If the nail is not cut for a long time, the blood line in the toenail will become longer and longer. On the contrary, every time the toenail is cut, the blood line will retract a little, so that it will not appear. Shear bleeding.

2. Not all dogs need to pluck their ear hair. Common dogs that pluck their ear hair are Shih Tzu, Poodle and Schnauzer. Generally, it is necessary to pluck the ear hair once a month or so, which can effectively prevent the production of ear mites and prevent the odor in the ear.

3. Cleaning the anal glands can prevent anal inflammation. Squeeze the anal glands once a month. We can often see dogs rubbing their buttocks underground, so be careful. It is using actions to tell you that its anal glands should be cleaned. Up.

4. Bathe long-haired dogs once a week, and for short-haired dogs about 10 days. For dogs with body odor or accidentally soiled dogs, it is possible to wash them at any time. But for dogs who are sick or have just finished the vaccine, follow the doctor's instructions.

5. Before taking a bath, be sure to comb the hair with pet dog comb, so that the tangled hair can be combed to prevent the tangled hair from becoming more serious; it can also remove the large pieces of dirt for easy washing. Especially around the mouth, behind the ears, underarms, inner thighs, tips of toes, etc., the areas where dogs are most unwilling to be groomed should be cleaned with pet dog comb.

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