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Working principle and use of pet drinking feeder

Working principle and use of pet drinking feeder

The design of pet drinking feeder generally adopts the design of automatic water flow, because pets like to drink the habit of flowing water, but to ensure the safe water for pets, the two links of water purification and filtration are also pain points that need to be solved urgently.

pet drinking feeder material

More than 80% of pet drinking feeder families have faced this kind of drinking water problem. Due to the long-standing drinking water, unclean water source, and inadequate cleaning, it may bring hidden dangers to the pet's health. The solution is to use international high-quality edible materials, non-toxic and tasteless, pet drinking feeder with a temperature resistance of -30 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius. It is resistant to bumps and corrosion. It is not only beautiful in appearance, smooth, and odorless, and has a unique antibacterial effect. Safe drinking is guaranteed.

Pay attention to pet drinking feeder when changing water:

1. When changing the water: take out the transparent water box and the upper cover together, and put the upper cover in the transparent water box when putting the transparent water box into the water dispenser.

2. When changing water for pet drinking feeder, pay attention to clean the dirt on the pump and upper cover.

3. The water inlet of the water pump can be removed for cleaning. The filter element and the filter screen need to be replaced in time to ensure the quality of the pet's drinking water.

4. After cleaning, the water pump and the soft hose on the upper cover must be connected well, otherwise the water dispenser will not be able to discharge water.

The pet drinking feeder allows pets to drink fresh and flowing water at any time. There is no need to shout at the shoveling officer because they dislike the water in the bowl. More importantly, it is to avoid the ignorant cat who is looking for water everywhere and drinking unclean water by mistake. It is troublesome, and the large-capacity water tank ensures that there is no need to add water frequently. Basically, it should be cleaned once every three or five days, and it is easier to clean and take care of.