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Why do dogs hate clipping their nails

Why do dogs hate clipping their nails

In fact, dogs are not as afraid of pain as we think, resist clipping nails or resist grooming, etc. The reason is fear or dislike. Some dog masters or groomers will tell us that clipping the dog so that they can't struggle, so that they can cut their nails, but that movement is very difficult and the average owner can't do it well. What's more, the act of tucking your dog under your arm may itself exacerbate your dog's urgency! They will also tell their owners to yell, scold, or knock on the grooming table if the dog resists, or grab the hair on the muzzle to make the dog look at us, or lift the front legs and shake until the dog stops struggling .

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They will say, you have to be tough, get the dog overpowered, and when you're the boss, you won't be able to resist. Have you heard such a statement? Most owners can't do this, and these behaviors themselves can only make dogs more dislike clipping nails! Of course, the above punitive non-positive practices are temporary for some dogs, but gradually their resistance will escalate! Unless he is a dog of three or five pounds or even smaller that is really powerless to resist. I have seen a number of puppies under four pounds stay still and not struggle during the entire nail clipping process, but keep wailing until the end. Many dogs who are shrouded in such shadows are scared to hide when they see their owners with nail clippers...