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Which part of the dog's hair must be shaved

Which part of the dog's hair must be shaved

Summer is here, and many pet owners are afraid that their dog will be too hot, so they will shave the dog's whole body. But does it really work? not at all. If you want to cool the dog, the hair in this part of the dog must be shaved, and pet owners should not ignore it!

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Many people don't know why they should shave their dog's feet. The pet owner knows that the dog's body does not have sweat glands, its sweat glands are on the tongue and soles of the feet. So if you want to cool your dog in summer, there is no other way than shaving your dog's feet. And even if the hair in this part is shaved, it will not affect the dog's appearance, and it can also help the dog to dissipate heat, so pet owners don't ignore it!
Before shaving your dog's feet, your pet should soothe your dog.

Then use a comb to comb the hair on the dog's pads, pick up scissors to flatten the soles of the feet, trim the hair around the pads, and expose the black or pink pads. Then trim the hair between the pads a little, preferably with short-haired scissors with shorter blades. Finally, turn the sole of the foot up and trim all the hairs in the seam of the footpad.