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What problems should be paid attention to when using china pet brush massager to bathe cats

What problems should be paid attention to when using china pet brush massager to bathe cats

Nowadays, many pet cats in the house regard them as a part of the family. Of course, the owner must take care of them. Then everyone knows what problems should be paid attention to when using a china pet brush massager to bathe cats? Let’s introduce it below.

china pet brush massager

In summer, the hot weather is easy for bacteria to multiply and breed. It is an effective way to help cats to bathe frequently with china pet brush massager. When bathing the cat in summer, the water temperature should not be too high. Before bathing the cat, let the cat use his paws to test the water temperature. If the cat likes it, and there is no violent movement, you can bathe the cat. The general temperature range is between 38-40.

In winter, the temperature of the cat’s bathing water is relatively high. Of course, it is necessary for the cat to test the water temperature before bathing, as long as the water temperature is appropriate. The specific water temperature is not much different from that in summer, just a little bit higher.

But you have to remember that for bathing your pet cat, you should not use cold or very hot water in any season, because cats hate cold water. Of course, bathing in cold water can also cause breathing difficulties and catch colds. , Affect the cat's health. The hot water will scald the kitten, and it will also cause it to resist. It will be even more difficult to bathe it in the future.

Therefore, generally speaking, the temperature of the water prepared for the cat's bathing can generally be kept within the range of the cat's body temperature.

Finally, bathing cats with a china pet brush massager is not always possible. It is limited to one day. Generally speaking, in summer, you can choose to bathe cats in the evening and dusk. At this time, the temperature is still relatively mild. In winter, you should choose to bathe your cat in a warm air-conditioned room or in a warm sunny afternoon to prevent the kitten from getting cold. At the same time, after bathing the cat, dry the cat’s hair thoroughly in time to prevent the cat from catching cold and getting sick.