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What kind of pet hair brush is good

What kind of pet hair brush is good

Pet depilatory massage comb, deep into the hair to clean the hair without getting stuck, the spacing between the teeth is very reasonable, no flying hair, the comb head is round and soft, the stainless steel needle is strong and anti-breakage, when combing the hair of the master, massage while combing, no conflict, more Comfortable, key clean, easy to clean, washable. All parts can be used, head, limbs, abdomen, back. Good design, solid workmanship and good material.

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Long needle comb, the curved shape can penetrate deep into the bottom of the hair, easily remove floating hair, and it does not fly, and the spacing is reasonable, which can better grasp the hair and reduce static electricity. The denser the gap between the comb teeth, the more hair you comb, even Even small hair knots are not spared, and they are very friendly to cubs with soft hair. Press the push plate, the hair can be torn off in one piece, abs+stainless steel material, the whole body can be washed.
Curved comb needles for deep combing, which is more gentle for pets' knotted hair; 140 precision needle combs + massage sticky beads, the comb head is equipped with HEPE material sticky beads to promote blood circulation. 364 massage beads are bent at 135 degrees to adjust the reasonable spacing between the teeth. ABS material, durable, press the button on the back to clean the hair. The handle is made of tpe and pp material with non-slip design, which is more comfortable to hold.