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What kind of brushes do dogs have in bathing

What kind of brushes do dogs have in bathing

Five-finger bath brush
This kind of brush is a little smaller than the usual handle brush design. It has something like a watch strap behind it, which can be tied to the hand and then brushed for the dog. The brush head of this product is made of plastic, which is soft and not easy to scratch the dog's skin. In the process of bathing the dog, it can also achieve the effect of grooming the dog's hair, and the dog is not too repulsive. However, its toothbrush is relatively thin, and it does not achieve a very good effect on grooming the dog.

pet brush massager

Massage Brush Gloves
People who have worn gloves should better imagine that this glove brush is actually the same as the bath towel we use, except that it is equipped with a soft silicone toothbrush on one side of the glove. The veterinarian Xiao Ming also tried to rub twice on the back of his hand. The toothbrush is neither too hard nor too soft. It is moderate and can comb the dog's hair when taking a bath.