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What is the effect of Pet Dematting Comb on pet hair dematting?

What is the effect of Pet Dematting Comb on pet hair dematting?

Hairy pets have thick hairs, so they have problems such as hair loss and molting. Especially when the pet is a long-haired cat or a long-haired dog, the symptoms are more obvious. To deal with pet hair loss, the most fundamental way is to comb the pet's hair regularly, and the tools of Pet Dematting Comb should be carefully selected!

Pet Dematting Comb

The role of Pet Dematting Comb:

1. Pet Dematting Comb promotes blood circulation and relieves pressure on pets
Pet Dematting Comb is a special comb for pets that has a massage function, effectively promotes the blood circulation of cats and dogs' skin, and relieves the pressure of pets. At the same time, the shed hair can be removed during the massage, which is suitable for all pets.
2. It won't hurt the fur
Pet Dematting Comb generally has rounded needle teeth and will not hurt the skin. It brings comfort to cats and dogs during the process of grooming, and can relieve pet muscles and mental fatigue. The massage comb is easy to use, just follow the direction of hair growth, and you can use it daily.
3. Pet Dematting Comb makes hair light and fluffy
Pet Dematting Comb is a dog comb when combing many pets with long, fluffy and curvy hair. For example, Chow Chow, noblewoman, bichon, Shih Tzu, etc., will make the pet's hair more fluffy and lighter.
4. Choose according to body type
Pet Dematting Comb has large and small, you can choose according to your pet's body type, such as small dogs and cats can choose small needle combs. For medium and large dogs, you can choose the Pet Dematting Comb with a larger panel, so that the owner will save effort when grooming the pet's hair.