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What are the pet drinking fountains

What are the pet drinking fountains

Portable Outdoor Drinker
This drinker is suitable for all cats and is characterized by easy cleaning, safety and non-toxicity. If you have the habit of walking cats, this is a good carry-on. The mouth of the bottle is made of soft material that is watertight and durable. Portable outdoor drinking fountains are very convenient, clean and hygienic. After opening, squeeze the water from the bottle to flow into the box and the cat can easily drink clean water!

customized pet drinker

pet sitting drinker
This drinker is suitable for all cats and features easy to use, clean water. The self-refilling food bowl comes with a water bottle. The owner only needs to screw a water bottle with clear water or pure water on the food bowl every day. After screwing up, the water in the water bottle can automatically flow into the food bowl on one side. When a certain amount is reached, it will automatically stop due to pressure, and when the cat drinks some, it will automatically increase again. Easy to use and affordable.
Electric Waterfall Drinker
This drinker is suitable for all cats, featuring fresh and sweet water and high durability. Filter sediment, rust and other impurities, patent impact fountain, inject more oxygen, and the running water is sweeter. Boost your pet's water intake and greatly improve overall health. Reduce the chance of pets suffering from urethral/kidney/bladder diseases, improve the quality of life, and maintain a healthy life. Remove the odor of chlorine, keep the water clear and sweet, pets love to choose an independent water storage device (sold separately), sufficient water source, long-term drinking, healthy and longevity.