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What are the most comfortable pet massage combs

What are the most comfortable pet massage combs

The comfort of pet grooming tools can affect the acceptance of pets. The teeth of the comb should be moderately soft and hard, and the needle tip should be rounded without sticking or pulling hair. Too sharp teeth can easily scratch the pet's skin, while too soft teeth will cause uneven force and cause excessive friction locally.

Low price pet brush massager

1. Christensen | Gold Round Handle Comb
The gold round handle comb is made of copper alloy, and there is basically no static electricity for combing. The teeth of the comb are much thicker than the needle comb, and the needle tip is more rounded. Although the amount of brushing of the golden comb is less than that of the needle comb, the massage function is better, which is very suitable for smoothing and massage of long-haired pets.
2.KONG | Adult Dog Massage Comb
The massage comb is made of natural rubber, which is soft and not sticky, and is highly acceptable to pets. In addition to being used as a massage comb in the bath, it is also very suitable as a daily grooming product. The teeth of the massage comb can carry a lot of needle hair, and it is one of the few combs that is very suitable for combing needle hair.