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What are the characteristics of the stainless steel lice comb for pets

What are the characteristics of the stainless steel lice comb for pets

A standard 5mm stainless steel lice comb is ideal for trimming your dog's tails. The comb comes with 6 holes for lice to hide in and you can set the comb on the end of the bed or in a carrier. The comb itself also comes complete with a plastic cap, a lint shield and a lint-relief stick. All dogs have some sort of hair or scales and should be trimming tail to get rid of them. If your pet is not trimming he probably has some sort of allergic reaction to the lice (especially if allergic to hair) and has to be treated. 

stainless steel lice comb
The stainless steel lice comb is a bit difficult to use for pets with dry skin, as it is extremely abrasive and requires more frequent rinsing with water to remove the excess build up of lice. This is important especially if your pet has previously had lice.The best lice comb for pets with normal lice infestations is the stainless steel lice comb. This fine and flexible lint-free powder comb is designed specifically for use on pets that have no lice to get rid of before bedtime. The highly absorbent material in this comb allows for lice to be completely removed from even very dry, scratchy skin for effective overnight treatment.