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What are the characteristics of pet grooming comb

What are the characteristics of pet grooming comb

The basic grooming of pets is always inseparable from combs, but there are too many pet grooming combs and their shapes are different, which must make many owners picky. Ordinary combs only have the function of combing, and they are mainly convenient for combing. They can remove pet's floating hair, dead hair, and part of the bottom dead hair, and combing hair is easy and simple. With the economic development and the expansion of the market, pet grooming comb has now produced a variety of styles such as manual and electric. But we still choose a suitable comb according to our pet, because the length of pet hair depends on the comb you want to buy, just as long hair is more suitable for needle combs.

pet grooming comb

Features of our common pet grooming comb:
Needle comb: The comb is mainly used for long, fluffy, and curvy hair.
Flat combing and row combing: It is mainly used to treat messy hair to remove shed hair and dirt, especially for pets with long hair. It is basically suitable for all cats and dogs, and it is also the most widely used comb.
Hair removal comb: mainly for removing dead hair and undercoat from pets during the season.
Knot-opening comb: mainly for long pet hair that has been knotted. The comb teeth are equipped with metal blades, which can cut knotted hair.
Massage comb: For massage, it can effectively promote blood circulation in the skin of cats and dogs and relieve the pressure of pets.
Pet electronic comb: It is mainly used to remove parasitic pests such as fleas and ticks on or on the hair of small pets such as cats and dogs, and to comb the pets' hair. Suitable for all kinds of pet cats and dogs.

There are many pet grooming combs. Each comb has its advantages and different effects. The host can choose the appropriate comb according to their preference. The more functions, the better. For us, there is one more benefit. We can Eliminate those problems that can be handled by combs. Pets are more troublesome to take care of, especially those with lice, which makes people quite a headache. Some people choose to use foreign medicine, but the medicine is not good for the dog’s skin. The comb can remove lice. Isn't it the best option to protect our pet grooming comb!