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What are the causes of dog hair loss

What are the causes of dog hair loss

Pets will shed hair under normal circumstances, but when abnormal hair loss occurs, you need to pay attention to whether there are any of the following conditions.

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Sertoli cell tumor: This is a testicular tumor that occurs in middle-aged and older pet dogs. Hair loss occurs on the sides of the abdomen, around the anus, on the abdomen, and in the groin area.
External Parasites: Hair loss caused by parasites is usually localized, mainly caused by the pet scratching itself. Often these areas become infected due to the growth of parasites, causing itching symptoms, and then the pet will scratch these areas and cause hair loss.
Crusting (calluses): This symptom is mostly seen on the elbows and wrists of those heavier dog breeds. It is mainly caused by the long-term extrusion of the hard surface. At the same time as hair removal, the skin becomes thicker.
Vitamin Deficiency: Vitamin B deficiency can also cause hair loss, along with weight loss, anorexia, general weakness, and decreased or lost vision.
Too much salt intake can also lead to severe hair loss in dogs.