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What You Need to Know About Massaging Dogs

What You Need to Know About Massaging Dogs

In daily massage, you can clearly recognize the normal state of your dog’s body, and you can quickly discover changes in your dog’s body, such as body surface temperature, touch sensation, local swelling or muscle tension, decreased fur health, or skin tightness .

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Some signs, if not detected early, may lead to more serious problems, and even require further treatment such as seeing a veterinarian, taking medicine, or undergoing surgery. Being able to know what your dog's normal state is will definitely help you provide better important information to your veterinarian.
Use something like petting to relax the nervous system. Gently place your palms flat on your dog's head or neck, and stroke gently down the spine to the tail, repeating slowly several times.
If the dog likes this kind of massage, we can gradually increase the force. After the massage is complete, place one hand under the dog's head and the other under the pelvis, corresponding to the parts of the spinal cord that control the body's response to rest and relaxation.