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Understanding of pet slicker brush

Understanding of pet slicker brush

There are two common types of pet slicker brush at present. One is the brush head with thorns or no thorns. It is characterized by soft texture and long brush handle. It is more convenient to use and can easily sweep dust and dander on the table or box. The other is a professional brush with an electric roller. This type of brush is made with a high-speed rotating roller, so it has stronger detergency and is easier to remove. Small dirt and tangled debris between coats are one of the most popular tools in pet hospitals.

pet slicker brush

The pet slicker brush is the owner's "good helper" and the most thoughtful gift for pet care! The needle brush can also massage large, weak and elderly sick dogs respectively, so as to keep the dogs happy. Doctors in the veterinary profession suggest that needle-hair brushes can become dirty and harbor bacteria if they are not regularly and thoroughly sanitized, leading to infectious diseases and even death. When purchasing needle brushes, you must pay attention to selecting products produced by brand manufacturers. For example, some small factories that are not well-known, the needle brushes produced by some small factories often have many health and safety hazards due to the quality of the materials themselves. In addition, the needle brush should not be exposed to the sun, as this will easily cause the wooden handle to rot and damage, which will seriously affect the service life.