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Types of pet drinking feeder

Types of pet drinking feeder

Pets do not like drinking water, it is likely to be sick, but do you know that some pets do not like drinking water because they do not like their drinking environment? The pet drinking feeder's utensils are too deep, too narrow, or the water has impurities, peculiar smell, or even the location, which may reduce the pet's willingness to drink. If you confirm that your friends are healthy, you might as well try to change your pet drinking feeder or adjust your water supply habits to re-awaken their interest in drinking water. The following are several pet drinking feeders with different characteristics for everyone, hoping to satisfy the discerning heart of your pet.

pet drinking feeder

Pots and pans type pet drinking feeder: all kinds of pet drinking feeders are included, cost-effective, easy to clean, and the size of the container can be selected according to the size of the pet. It is convenient to place them in every corner of the home, let them drink wherever they go, and increase the willingness and frequency of drinking water. Choose the style with a non-slip pad at the bottom, so you are not afraid of pets running around pushing the water bowl when they drink. If the cat loves to drink the water in the cup, the owner can also buy the cup to use with it.

Electric fountain type pet drinking feeder: Relying on the motor to keep the water flowing, increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, and use the filter to filter out most of the impurities and pet hair in the water, which can prolong the drinking time of the water. It can be replaced with a new filter component directly after a long time to increase the service life.

Direct-hanging fixed pet drinking feeder: Direct-hanging drinking fountain can be fixed on the edge of the cage or furniture, eliminating the trouble of being knocked over. There is a steel ball against the water outlet, and the water is not easy to evaporate or lose, so it is convenient to check the pet's water consumption. Choosing the double-headed style allows pets who need to be in the cage to drink water easily when they walk around in the wind, without having to go back to the cage, even if there are two pets in the house, they can drink water together without vying for the first.

Semi-automatic replenishment pet drinking feeder: The bowl has a large mouth, which is convenient for pets to drink water. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and easy for the owner to clean. The large-capacity water bottle is filled with water every two or three days, so you are not afraid of pets running out of water to drink.