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Types of pet combs and how to use them

Types of pet combs and how to use them

There are many types of pet combs on the market, with different functions for different hair problems.

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Knotted comb (knife): As the name suggests, it mainly works on the knotted hair of long-haired pets. The teeth of the comb have metal blades that cut through knotted hair. How to use: Comb in the direction of pet hair growth. To avoid clipping too much hair, do not reverse grooming. Comb once a week or every other week. Hold the knotted hair, then gently comb through the remaining section with an opener comb. Do not use excessive force when encountering induration, so as not to pull off the hair, but press the root of the hair before combing. The fluff is easy to break when it encounters the cutting edge, and the force must be measured when combing.

Comprehensive comb: In order to facilitate the owner to carry and store, many manufacturers combine combs with different functions into a comb, with different combing effects on the front and back, such as needle comb + massage comb, wide and narrow tooth pitch comprehensive comb, etc. .

Others: In addition to the commonly used combs mentioned above, there are many special combs for pets, such as rake combs, massage combs for bathing, flea combs for flea removal...etc. The owner can choose according to the actual situation of pet hair.