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Types of pet brush massager

Types of pet brush massager

The basic grooming of dogs is always inseparable from a comb, but there are too many pet-specific combs and different shapes, which must have confused many parents. Come and learn how to use it now.

pet brush massager
1. Needle brush: Needle comb is used to comb many pets with long, fluffy and curved hair, and a dog comb is needed. Such as Chow Chow, Lady, Bichon, Shih Tzu, etc., will make the pet's hair more fluffy and light.
2. Flat brush, row brush: the most widely used comb, basically suitable for all cats and dogs, to take care of messy hair to remove shed hair and dirt, especially for pets with long hair, it can be well combed smooth
3. Hair removal brush: For the season changing period, the bottom hair comb is a good helper. It can very effectively remove the dead hair and undercoat that the pet has fallen off, and will not cause damage to the healthy hair, which avoids the situation that the dead hair is not easy to clean.
4. Massage brush: The massage comb is a pet-specific comb with massage function, which can effectively promote the blood circulation of the skin of cats and dogs and relieve the pressure of pets. At the same time, it can remove the lost hair during the massage, which is suitable for all cats and dogs.
5. Comprehensive brush: In order to facilitate the owner to carry and store, many manufacturers combine combs with different functions into a comb, with different combing effects on the front and back, such as needle comb + massage comb, wide and narrow tooth pitch comprehensive row Comb etc.