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Tips for clipping dog nails

Tips for clipping dog nails

1. Don't send pet store scissors in the first place. If you happen to meet a groomer who likes to "subdue" dogs with traditional methods such as scolding, your baby may quickly become disgusted with clipping nails, and the result is that one day you suddenly find that it is difficult for you to clip his nails. Going back and training him to accept this is much harder than starting from scratch!

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2. The younger you start trimming your dog's nails, the easier the process will be.
If your dog is home-bred, you can even start clipping, brushing, and petting him as early as ten days after birth, when his receptors are still developing and all kinds of discomfort are less intense. These nursing actions that will accompany him for a lifetime will benefit him and his master for more than ten years! Of course, the premise is that you are using the soft "forward" method!
3. Whether your dog is competing or not, there is no need to break the blood line!
One is that the pain and discomfort of breaking the blood line is obviously stronger than that of cutting the nails, which will aggravate the dog's dislike of cutting the nails. Second, the purpose of shortening the blood line can also be achieved by appropriately increasing the frequency of nail clipping. Third, the dog's nails are a protection for the pads to prevent the pads from being worn during exercise.