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Tips for clipping dog nails

Tips for clipping dog nails

Nail trimming is an important part of a dog's basic grooming needs, and for many dog ​​owners, trimming their dog's nails is always annoying, and many dogs don't like trimming. Dog nails grow just like human nails. Some dogs wear their nails naturally when they walk on pavement, gravel, or concrete.

customized pet nail scissor

Nail trimmer: This is a manicure trimmer with an inner blade and a hole. When the handle is squeezed, the blade lifts up to trim the nails, kind of like an upside-down guillotine. Many new dog owners find this type of trimmer very easy to use.

Most importantly: know how to hold the trimmer the right way so it can work properly. The owner should put his hands under the dog's feet, the screws on the trimmer should be facing the dog, and then align the nails in the correct position in the hole for cutting. Pincer manicurists have replaceable blades when they become dull, and shears are best for small to medium sized nails.
Some dogs will not be quiet when trimming their nails, so owners must let the dog accept the job of cutting nails gradually, so that it gradually becomes less sensitive to trimming.