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The stainless steel lice comb manufacturer tells you what to do with pet lice

The stainless steel lice comb manufacturer tells you what to do with pet lice

In summer, many people like to go out to walk their dogs in the morning or at night, but at the same time, the management of pet dogs should not be ignored, especially in the hot season, it is necessary to bathe the dogs frequently. If the management is not in place, it is easy to make the dogs lice. . How to quickly and effectively remove lice once they grow?

stainless steel lice comb

Pet dog lice are mostly related to temperature, humidity, brightness and the density of dog hair. There are two main types of dog lice disease. One is the canine palatine louse of the Haematophagidae family; the other is the dog louse of the Haematophagidae family. Biting lice. Through these two kinds of lice, the dog's skin is caused to produce parasites, leading to lice disease.

What to do if pets have lice?

1. Use a fine stainless steel lice comb to gently close the dog's skin and comb to remove the lice. If possible, you should wear gloves to operate, wash the affected area of ​​the dog's body after completion, and you should wash your hands immediately.

2. After using the stainless steel lice comb, sprinkle rattan powder or spray with 0.5-1% trichlorfon aqueous solution or medicated bath: or spray with 0.03% erbutan emulsion. Since the lice eggs cannot be killed, the medicated bath should be performed again after 1-2 weeks.

3. Strengthen breeding management, frequently clean and disinfect kennels and dog beds, wash the body frequently, and check regularly. If dogs with lice disease are found, they should be isolated and treated in time.