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The role of pet water dispenser

The role of pet water dispenser

1. Circulating water - in line with the nature of cats
In fact, in the cognitive world of cats, flowing water = clean water. The water is circulated with the help of the water pump. Due to the more oxygen in contact, the water is more "live" and the taste is sweeter. Therefore, most cats have no resistance to this clean and sweet water.

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2. Water filtration - more clean and hygienic
Cats are also clean-loving animals, and they are very repulsive to water that has been left for a long time. Therefore, the water we prepare for it often starts with a symbolic drink of two sips, and soon begins to dislike it. The cat water dispenser is equipped with a special filter chip, which can also filter some impurities in the water, making the water more clean and hygienic.
3. Large water storage capacity - water feeding saves time and effort
The cat water dispenser generally has a relatively large water storage capacity, and when the water in the bowl is drunk by the cat, it will be automatically replenished. Therefore, as the shit shoveling officer, we also have a lot of peace of mind, and we don't need to often follow the cat's butt to add water to the bowl.