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The role of pet drinker and how to use it

The role of pet drinker and how to use it

How to solve the problem of pet drinking water

Drinking water is the daily life of pets. We humans have our own methods to supplement the necessary substances for the body with the innate instincts and acquired cultivation. However, due to the lack of intelligence, pets cannot fully do their own thing in the face of various situations. Looking for water to drink, so domestic pets need owners to prepare pet drinkers first. Nowadays, with the progress of society, some people have also invented water drinkers for pets. Some of them are smart, not only allowing pets to drink water, but also monitoring pets Health can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

pet drinker

The role of pet drinkers

The pet drinker synchronizes with the smart tag fixed on the cat and the app on the smartphone, allowing the owner to quickly understand the pet's water intake and help monitor the health of the pet cat. Domestic cats may not have enough water in their food to maintain their daily needs, and they are prone to dehydration, which can lead to urinary tract disease, kidney disease, cystitis, and related problems. For some cats, the solution to this problem is simple: just keep a bowl of water every day. It's a bit trickier for other cats who love fresh running water, which basically means drinking straight from the faucet or leaking fire hydrant.

Ideas for the design of pet drinker

Now that you know that water is an important element in maintaining your pet's health, it's time to go all out to find ways to get them to drink more water. According to their physiological structure, a comfortable drinking environment is created, so that uncle cats can easily enjoy the time of drinking water.

Use of pet drinkers

The pet drinker has a sloping design to reduce stress on the cat's neck and keep whiskers dry, it's made from non-toxic plastic and includes an activated carbon filter to keep the water clean, but users still need to refill 1.2 liters regularly ( 40.5 fl oz) tank with fresh water, plus an illuminated sensor light to alert you to changing water levels.

At the same time, there are also skills in guiding pets to drink water. We know that kittens generally do not drink water on their own initiative, and they will not drink if the owner directly takes a water basin or puts the pet drinker in front of it. At this time, training is still needed. We can let the pet drinker drip water automatically to attract the pet's attention, so that the probability of it going to drink water will increase, and it will gradually learn to drink water, or you can also use a water basin to drip water in front of it, but you must control the speed of dripping, Also pay attention to cleaning.