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The right way to trim your cat's nails

The right way to trim your cat's nails

The nail clippers that cut the cat's nails are not the kind we usually use. Cat nails are different in shape from human nails. Human nails are flat, while cat nails are thin and round. It is easy to split the cat's nail clippers with human nail clippers, so use a cat-specific nail clipper with an arc-shaped blade.

customized pet nail clean

Keep your cat's nail clippers next to your cat's side so that they can see it often, and it's even better if the cat can use it as a toy. Otherwise, for a kitten with a glass heart, the first time it sees an unfamiliar object, it is likely to jump up in fright. For example, my cat is like that, let alone cutting its nails with it. So, make sure the cat is familiar with the smell of nail clippers first, and let him know that there is no threat to it.
It is better to cut when the cat is sleeping, and the sleeping cat is more relaxed and lazy. The owner can first stroke the sleeping cat and hold its soft paws. In this case, cutting the nails usually goes smoothly.