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The harm of dead hair and waste hair to pets

The harm of dead hair and waste hair to pets

1. The fur is dull and dull: Metabolism will cause pets to shed a lot of hair every day. These shed hairs are hidden in fresh hairs, affecting children's normal oil secretion and acid-base balance, and the dead hair that has not fallen off is not cleaned for a long time. , the hair will be dull and dull, no matter how good the shampoo can not take care of the smooth and good shape, no matter how good the dog food can not raise shiny and shiny hair.

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2. Hairball accumulation, constipation, intestinal obstruction: Whether it is a cat or dog, a large amount of hair will be licked in every day and accumulated in the intestine, especially cats and cats. hair;

3. Breeding bacteria, fleas, etc., prone to skin diseases: Dead hairs have no vitality and lack of self-cleaning function, and will hide a large number of bacteria, becoming a breeding ground for fleas and cattle ticks, and the "soil" generated by skin diseases. Health brings troubles and hidden dangers!

4. If a large amount of hair is accidentally inhaled into the trachea, it will irritate the tracheal mucosa, and in severe cases, it will become inflamed, and the same goes for entering the esophagus. For parents with sensitive throat and trachea, it has a great impact.

5. The hairs that fall everywhere will bring you a lot of trouble to clean the floor and clothes. No matter how clean the housewives are, they can't clean a clean room without hairs.

 Therefore, it is necessary to find a comb that effectively solves the problem of dead hair and restores a healthy and clean living environment for you and your pets.