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The best choice for pets is collapsible pet bowl

The best choice for pets is collapsible pet bowl

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, pet products are becoming more and more popular. As a professional pet owner, how can we better please pets? Come and learn about this collapsible pet bowl with the editor.

collapsible pet bowl

The collapsible pet bowl is made of canvas on the outside and the lining is also made of special waterproof material. You can pour water into it or load food for your baby anytime and anywhere. When it is used, it expands into a bowl shape, and when it is moved, it can immediately return to a flat folded shape.

collapsible pet bowl

The collapsible pet bowl is to solve the problem of pets drinking water and food without containers outdoors, and its advantages are:

The first point: easy to carry. This advantage is the biggest advantage of collapsible pet bowl. From the name, it can be seen that the word folding is very different when it is in use and when it is not in use. We can imagine the application scenarios, such as when we want to take it when we go out. Walk with it, is it very convenient to carry at this time?

The second point: small footprint. When we travel, we often need large bags and small bags, and collapsible pet bowls can achieve a small footprint through the folding function, so they don’t need to be stored in such a wide place. Some designs reveal net-like pouches after being folded, which can be placed in toilet paper or plastic bags. After folding, there is a small buckle next to it, which can be buckled on your bag, pants or dog's backpack, which is very convenient. In this way, it is really easy to go out.

The third point: light weight. Whether our commonly used bowls are usually two-fold, and a very large collapsible pet bowl is only a few dozen grams, whether this comparison is a big advantage comes out.

The fourth point: not broken. The collapsible pet bowl has many advantages due to the outstanding advantages of silicone raw materials. One of the advantages is that it is resistant to falling, unlike the traditional bowl that breaks when it is dropped.