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The benefits of pet grooming

The benefits of pet grooming

Pets molt twice a year, one lasting 6 months. Don't think that bathing your pet regularly is enough, grooming is also a very important part of daily care.
Spring is here, and it's time for pets to change their coats. Think of the golden retriever known as the textile factory manager at home, the Satsuma who played cotton in his last life, and the cat that looks like a walking dandelion. What is the experience of pet hair loss? As long as you are lazy, the whole room will grow hair! Wherever you go is hair! Overwhelmed by hair and overwhelmed! Is there any way to prevent pet hair loss? The answer is no!

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The benefits of brushing
1. Promote blood circulation

In the process of grooming pets, the needles repeatedly massage the skin, which can promote blood circulation, increase skin resistance, and eliminate physical fatigue.

2. Reduce hair loss

Brush often, the shed hair will be brushed off and will not be scattered everywhere with the pet's activities.

3. Prevent hair from tangling

For long-haired cats and dogs, if the hair is not combed for a long time, it will cause the hair to become entangled, knotted, and felt. Regular combing can prevent this phenomenon.

Fourth, timely detection of trauma and skin diseases

In the process of grooming, we can find out whether there is any trauma or skin problem on the pet in time, and get the best treatment time.

Five, become beautiful, become beautiful

Regular grooming of pets can stimulate the hair follicles, ensure better hair quality and quantity, and make the pet's coat smooth and shiny.