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Teach you how to do proper pet cleaning

Teach you how to do proper pet cleaning

1. Be sure to wash your hands after touching pets or pets or pet utensils. This is the case with any pets and pet items.
2. The pet's eating utensils should be cleaned separately, not together with other utensils.

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3. Regular disinfection of pet equipment, especially reusable equipment, needs to be thoroughly disinfected. And regularly sanitize the entire pet area. Keep human food or furniture out of the reach of pets, such as rice cookers, pots and pans, etc.
Fourth, no longer wash the utensils in the pool, use a large bucket, or a place that can drain directly.
5. Regularly check the health of your pet, and organize the pet's paws and hair.
6. After interacting with pets, wash them as soon as possible.
7. Pregnant women should not touch cat litter, which may make pregnant women suffer from toxoplasmosis and affect the fetus. You can let someone else do it. If only pregnant women can do it themselves, you need to wear disposable gloves. After cleaning, perform a thorough hand cleaning immediately.