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Six ways to massage your dog

Six ways to massage your dog

To tell the truth, as long as the massage technique is right, there is nothing more comfortable in the world than enjoying a massage. Massage is also a good physical therapy for animals.

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First of all, before the massage, there are the following precautions: Make sure you are in a relaxed state, choose a place that is not disturbed, and patiently let the dog smell or lick your hands first, so that they are ready to be petted Prepare;
Place your hand on your dog's thigh with your thumb separated from the other four fingers. The thumb is on the middle of the thigh, and the other four fingers are facing the outside of the thigh. Start by pressing lightly at the base of your thigh and make slow circles with your thumb. Then, gradually move the hand towards the calf, massaging until the paw stops.
Put your hand on your dog's chest and wait patiently for it to lie on its side or back. With your fingers slightly bent, use your fingertips to gently circle from your chest to your armpits.
Gently place the palms of both hands flat on the dog's shoulders and massage in gentle circular motions with the balls of your fingers. You can gradually expand the range of the circle and change the direction and speed of the massage.
With palms down, fingers together and straight, rub from the top of the dog's head to the tip of the nose. From time to time, massage in small circles with the pulp of your fingers, or gently massage downwards.
Make a fist and use the knuckles to massage the base of the dog's ear (just below the pinna). Keep your palms down at all times and do it lightly. Since dogs' ears are very sensitive, they must be careful and gentle when massaging.
Gently pull up loose skin on your dog's neck or other areas, and knead slowly with your fingers. The left and right hand massage alternately, when the left hand is raised, the right hand is lowered, and vice versa. Be careful not to pinch the dog.