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Principles for choosing a pet comb

Principles for choosing a pet comb

1. Combing is usually used to remove loose hair and keep the skin clean, reducing the probability of skin diseases and parasitic diseases. And make the oil attached to the hair evenly distributed, making the fur look more supple and shiny.

metal pet comb

2. For long-haired or double-coated dogs, combing can clean up the dead hair in the lower layer and stimulate the growth of new hair. And it can make the shampoo penetrate into the skin surface more easily when taking a shower.
3. Depending on the type of dog's fur, the number of grooming times per week is also different. The short, smooth coat can be brushed twice a week, and the long, smooth coat needs to be brushed daily. Those in between these two hair types can be groomed 3-5 times a week as needed.
Precautions for grooming pets: special utensils should be used when combing, and it is best not to use human combs and brushes. How to use the iron comb: Hold the back of the comb with your hand, gently swing your wrist, and comb horizontally. The combs with coarse teeth, medium teeth and fine teeth can be used alternately.
The usage of the comb is to use the power of the wrist. The brush has many teeth. When combing, you should lift the hair with one hand, and then brush the other part after brushing.