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Precautions for using pet nail scissor

Precautions for using pet nail scissor

1. When using a pet nail scissor, you must use a special nail clipper for your pet. Cat's nails are thin and round and different from human nails. The nail clippers used by humans are easy to damage the cat's nails. Use a circular arc. Pet nail scissor for cats.

pet nail scissor

2. Before trimming your pet's nails, you must gently hold the cat's paw and stroke the cat to let the cat know that the owner is not malicious.

3. Place your pet's nail clippers where the cat can see, familiarize yourself with the smell of pet nail scissor, and reduce your vigilance against pet nail scissor.

4. Know where to cut. Pet's nails have blood vessels in the back end, which is the pink part, so avoid cutting to blood vessels. Just cut off the pointed nails. Don't let the pet get hurt, otherwise the pet will leave a psychological shadow and resist the matter of cutting nails.

5. You can cut your nails while your pet is sleeping. At this time, the pet is relaxed. You can first touch the cat gently, pinch the pet's paw, let the pet enjoy the feeling, and slowly use the pet nail scissor to cut the pet's nails.