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Pet water dispenser purchase points

Pet water dispenser purchase points

Safety first.
The safety of pet drinking fountains is mainly reflected in the following points:
(1) Because cats are naughty, they may occasionally bite the water dispenser, so the material of the water dispenser must be "food grade".
(2) The power management must be in place to avoid leakage. After all, water can conduct electricity, which is a very dangerous thing.
(3) When there is a power failure, try to have "power failure protection", which will not delay the normal drinking of the hairy child.

customized pet drinker

Water storage on demand
Generally speaking, the choice of water storage is mainly related to the number of pets in the home. If there is only one cat in the house, a 2L water dispenser is generally enough. Don't blindly pursue a large water tank, the cat has to change the water often if it can't finish drinking. Choose the water storage amount according to your own needs, which is more conducive to keeping the water fresh.
The filtration system should be practical.
Although we initially provided pure water to cats, naughty cats may play with water with their paws when drinking water. Therefore, the water dispenser must have a relatively strong filter system to effectively filter out impurities such as dust and pet hair. In this way, cats can drink clean water to protect their stomachs.
Easy to disassemble and clean.
Because when we use the pet water dispenser, we need to clean it frequently to prevent the accumulation of impurities such as scale. It is generally recommended that the water dispenser be fully cleaned at least once a week, so choosing a water dispenser that is easy to disassemble and clean can make us more worry-free.