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Pet slicker brush manufacturers should know the care of pet fur

Pet slicker brush manufacturers should know the care of pet fur

Using pet slicker brush to comb and brush hair is a job that must be done for the dog every day. Frequent combing can not only remove the dirt from the old fur, promote the blood circulation of the skin, but also make the fur ventilated, breathable and shiny. And at the turn of the spring and summer, dogs need to change their hair, so you must insist on grooming your dog every day. If the dog's hair is longer, use a hard pet slicker brush, and short-haired dogs use a soft pet slicker brush.

pet slicker brush

The combing sequence can be started from the easy-to-comb place on the back, and then the limbs, abdomen, neck, head, under the ears, part by part slowly comb, after combing, and then reverse it again. Use a flat comb to grasp the roots of the hairs tightly so as not to strain the skin. Use the comb little by little, and then use a thin flat comb to easily comb them down. After combing the comb, spray it up and comb it again. If it still can't be combed, cut it off so as not to hurt the skin too hard.

Many pet owners may encounter a doubt. Every time they walk their dogs, they see that other people's pets are shiny and soft, and they want to go and touch them when they see it. Look at my pet again, the fur is gray and lifeless. So, how should we keep the dog's fur shiny and supple?

Just like people's hair, pet's hair also needs regular use and care.

   ①Comb hair frequently. Dogs will change their hair regularly, and the process of molting may take a few weeks. This requires parents to help him groom his hair frequently, promote blood circulation in the dog’s skin, make the molting smoother, and prevent the hair from knotting. , Prevent skin diseases.

   ②Reasonable sunbathing. Many parents like to take their pets out to bask in the sun when the weather is good. Comfortable weather can help pets improve their mood, and reasonable exposure to the sun can also prevent illness and enhance physical fitness. However, prolonged exposure to the sun will affect the dog's skin health due to too much heat or direct ultraviolet rays. So parents should also pay attention to the time of walking the dog.

   ③Don't take a bath too often. Most dogs do not have sweat glands and will not sweat. If they take a bath all day, they will wash away the oil, which is not good for health. Once the body fat is reduced, it will be difficult for the dog to resist bacterial invasion. If you come back from a trip, you can wipe his feet with a wet towel and wipe his body with a dry towel. It will be very clean.

   ④Daily cleaning and deworming. Only when a dog is healthy can he have softer fur. Regularly remove parasites in or out of the dog's body. You can take your dog to the animal hospital to get a deworming shot or take deworming medicine. In normal times, parents must prepare a variety of pet slicker brushes, cleaning supplies, such as long-lasting antiparasitic drugs or shower gels, and often clean them for their pets.