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Pet hair grooming steps and precautions

Pet hair grooming steps and precautions

First check if there are any tangles of hair on the dog. If there are any clumps of hair, please untie them patiently. If there are clumps of hair, you can first apply a layer of hair conditioner on it, and then use scissors to cut the clumps. Be careful not to hurt the dog's skin. If it is troublesome to deal with by yourself, you can ask a pet groomer for help. After dealing with the tangled hair, start from the dog's neck and follow the direction of hair growth from front to back, top to bottom, which will make the dog feel comfortable. Be careful when brushing, too much force can cause damage to your dog's coat by pulling on the coats and causing them to break or become tangled.

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Don't forget these places: Dogs with long hair have an outer coat and a bottom coat. If you only comb the outer coat, the bottom coat will also have nodules and adhesions, which will also easily cause the dog to suffer from skin diseases. When grooming a long-haired dog, you can put one hand under the hair, comb slowly with a comb, then turn over the outer coat and gently comb the inner undercoat. If your dog has long hair on his ears, you can trim it gently with scissors each time you brush to check thoroughly for ear mites, ticks, and fleas. Then use a cotton ball or surgical gauze soaked in ear cleaning solution to gently wipe the inside surface of the dog's ear.

Pay attention to sensitive parts: The face and back of the abdomen of dogs are more sensitive, especially dogs with shorter hair. They should be more gentle and cautious when combing. You can choose a softer comb and avoid damage to the eyes and other places.