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Pet grooming comb

The function of the pet grooming comb is to comb, pick loose and cut off the fur with the picking action of the scissors. The length, short, dense and sparse combs also have different uses. The material is mainly metal products. In addition to durability, preventing static electricity is also one of the issues to be considered.
The following two are commonly used and necessary.

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Standard comb: full length 7.5 inches, needle length 1.5 inches (20097 series), sparse and dense dual-purpose type, suitable for various types of hair combing.
Flea Comb: Small, fine-toothed (series 20077) for removing fleas, ticks from hair, or cleaning tear stains under the eyes.
A good beauty comb needs to have the following conditions: the material is hard and not easy to bend and deform; the surface coating is good (electroplating), and it is not easy to fall off; the needle tip must be polished into a fine rounded corner, and there should be no hair stuck; the weight of the sparse and dense sides is even, The center point is the same. A good pet grooming brush has a good feel and texture, and its durability is its major feature.