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Pet deodorant deodorant

Pet deodorant deodorant

Don't think that your pet will lick its hair a lot and you will think it will be cleaner. On the contrary, the pet's own saliva is mixed with the salt it secretes to produce an odor. So we need to help pets clean their hair. The cleaning method can be bathing, but if you often bathe your pet, it will destroy the pet’s body oil balance, so you can also use a wet towel to strengthen a small amount of acidic soap to clean, and be sure to dry it in time after cleaning, otherwise it will breed more bacteria. 

customized pet nail clean

Even though we wear shoes, our feet get smelly after walking for a long time, so pets' toes are also very prone to smelly feet. And the tiny debris is trapped in the toes, and it is difficult to clean up by bathing the pet. Therefore, we should take our pets to a professional pet grooming shop every two months or so to clip their toes, use instruments to remove the odor, and use toothpicks and soft brushes to clean up daily.
To clean up the odor produced by the pet's butt, you need to dilute it with water and anti-inflammatory water (potassium chloride), and wipe it with a wet towel for about two times, so that the odor produced by the pet's butt can be removed.