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Pet deodorant

Pet deodorant

Even though we wear our shoes, our feet get smelly when we walk for a long time, so pets' toes are also very prone to smelly feet. And the tiny debris gets trapped in the toes, making it difficult to clean up by bathing the pet. Therefore, we should take our pets to a professional pet grooming shop every two months or so to trim their toes, use instruments to remove odors, and use toothpicks and soft brushes to clean up daily.

customized pet nail clean

In addition, there are many useful tips for getting rid of pet body odor.
1. Using orange peel and baking soda water as an air freshener will have the fresh smell of lemon, which can effectively remove the odor;
2. Allowing pets to eat fruits can alleviate the odor caused by pets eating the wrong things, and using fruits as deodorants is also very effective;
3. The humidifier can cover up the odor substances emitted by pets, and it is effective to add air fresheners or neutralizers at the same time;
4. Buy a professional pet deodorant.