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Pet brush massager manufacturers tell you what to do if there are ticks on your puppy

Pet brush massager manufacturers tell you what to do if there are ticks on your puppy

1. Clean the dog's body frequently

First of all, the first point we must pay attention to is that in the process of raising pets, we must use pet brush massager to clean the pet's body frequently, because dogs are fur-type animals, and some tiny bacteria and bacteria are often hidden under the fur. Parasites, this problem will become more and more serious if they are not cleaned for a long time, so we must clean the dog regularly.

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2. Regularly sterilize the dog's body

In addition to cleaning the dog's body regularly, we should also sterilize the dog's body regularly. Under normal circumstances, we don't need to be too troublesome. We only need to add some sterilization and disinfection drugs when bathing the dog. These drugs are also sold in regular pet hospitals or pet markets.

3. Maintain indoor hygiene

Maintaining indoor hygiene is also very important to the dog's own hygiene. Under normal circumstances, we must frequently clean indoor and outdoor hygiene, try not to leave dead corners when cleaning the house, and we can also spray some disinfectant frequently to help us maintain Indoor hygiene, in this case, the dog's body will be healthier.

The above is the pet brush massager manufacturers summarized the small methods of how to deal with ticks on puppies, I hope it will be helpful to you.