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Pet brush massager manufacturers explain the precautions when purchasing pet supplies

Pet brush massager manufacturers explain the precautions when purchasing pet supplies

1. Product quality
Quality is the life of a product, and excellent quality is the key to improving integrity, returning rate and reducing unnecessary customer complaints. As long as you communicate with the pet supplies wholesaler, the other party can come up with a certain quality monitoring report and past sales cases to analyze, and you can give yourself a little more protection.
2. Product shelf life
The length of the shelf life is directly related to the market where the product can be sold. Different promotion plans can be formulated for different shelf lives. Goods with a long shelf life are more guaranteed to have enough time to sell.

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3. Product price and profit margin
The price of the product is directly related to the purchase budget. The profit margin is directly related to the profitability of the store. The importance of these two cannot be overstated.
4. After-sale guarantee
A good after-sales guarantee is the key to reducing troubles. It is far better to have a supporting after-sales service than the kind that just collects the money. After-sales product training and case analysis are the added value of pet supplies wholesalers.
5. Supporting publicity and activities
There are accompanying promotions and campaigns that make it easier to sell products.