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Pet brush massager manufacturers analysis of pet supplies market

Pet brush massager manufacturers analysis of pet supplies market

How to grasp the development of China's pet consumption market from all aspects of the pet economic chain, and adjust the pet economic investment and management policy in a targeted manner. How to take a comprehensive view of the development history of mature countries in the pet industry, pet brush massager manufacturers believe that they can learn from their advanced experience to solve the current problems in China's pet economy market and realize the world market expansion of China's pet economy.

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The global pet market is booming. According to research, the total value of the global pet food and supplies market in 2008 exceeded 56 billion US dollars, and is expected to climb to 65 billion US dollars in 2009. Among them, North America, Western Europe and Asia-Pacific occupy the top three in the total sales of the global pet market. Latin America and Eastern Europe have successively invested in this high-growth pet market. Euromonitor also predicts that the sales of pet products in Eastern Europe will double in 2009. , amounting to $2.6 billion.