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Pet brush massager

Pet brush massager

With the boom in pet ownership in recent years, many people have started to own pets. The status of pets is also constantly improving. For example, veterinarian Xiao Ming used to use the dogs in his hometown in the countryside to guard the home, but now the dogs have become the little masters of the family. Of course, cats have also changed from "artifacts" of catching mice to cats at home.

Low price pet brush massager

The massage comb is a pet-specific comb with massage function, which can effectively promote the blood circulation of the skin of cats and dogs and relieve the pressure of pets. At the same time, it can remove the lost hair during the massage, which is suitable for all cats and dogs. Pet brush massagers generally have round needles and will not hurt the skin. During the process of grooming, it brings comfort to cats and dogs, and can relieve pet muscle and mental fatigue. The massage comb is simple to use, just comb in the direction of hair growth, and can be used every day.

In order to facilitate the owner to carry and store, many manufacturers combine combs with different functions into a comb, with different combing effects on the front and back, such as needle comb + massage comb, wide and narrow tooth pitch comprehensive comb, etc.