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Pet Potty Trainer Toilet Precautions

Pet Potty Trainer Toilet Precautions

First, it goes against the cat's nature to go to the toilet. Cats have a natural tendency to dig and bury when they are exterminated. Even with proper training, using the toilet can be stressful for cats. The toilet lid must be open at all times. If you accidentally close the toilet lid, your cat will go to the toilet elsewhere.
Older cats or cats with joint problems will have difficulty reaching the toilet and balancing on the edges. There is a risk of injury from toilet training, especially for older cats. Therefore, not every cat is suitable for toilet use, so please think carefully before toilet training.

Pet Potty Trainer Toilet company

If your cat is impatient, he may struggle with toilet training. Cats generally like to cover themselves with feces and urine to protect themselves from potential predators. Many veterinarians advise against toilet training cats. If your cat is small, less than six months old, or already using litter, toilet training may not be the best option. As cats are older and more accustomed to using cat litter, toilet training is easiest.