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Pet Hair Care Methods

1. Take a bath
If you want to take care of your dog's hair, the first step is of course to take a bath first. Most dogs go out for walks every day, and they inevitably get dirty with dust, sand, and other grime. If there is too much dirt, the hair will stick together and be greasy. And the dog that takes a bath often has fluffy fur, no odor, and is very cute.

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2. Carding
Regular brushing of your teeth is an essential part of growing your hair well. The shovel officer can use a dog-specific comb to help the dog clean up the naturally shed hair and avoid knots. Regular brushing can also promote hair growth, and over time, your dog's hair will be beautiful. Some shit shovelers with long-haired dogs are lazy and never brush their dogs. The dog's hair is easy to tangle, and in severe cases, only shaving is required.

3. Trim
Everyone knows that Teddy, Bichon, etc., the hair will not fall out naturally, and it needs to be combed and trimmed frequently. However, other breeds of dogs also require trimming, which is done in the following 3 parts.
1. Trim the bottom hair
Why trim the soles of your feet? Because the hair on the bottom of a dog's feet is too long, it will breed a lot of bacteria, and if the hair is too long, walking will be very slippery.
2. Trim the belly hair
In order to prevent the dog from urinating and dirtying the belly hair, we need to trim the dog's belly hair.
3. Trim the hair around the anus
The hair around the anus is too long, it will cover the anus, and the hair will easily stick to the feces when the dog defecates, which is neither comfortable nor beautiful.

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