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Pet Cleaning Tips

1. It is very important to cut your pet's nails first. No matter how docile pets are, their naturally sharp nails may accidentally hurt people, but they are not intentional. What can you do? So instead of getting angry and depressed afterwards, it's better to cut your nails early to prevent problems before they happen.

customized pet brush massager

2. Bathing your pet is the most important and basic way to keep it clean. Generally, pets need to be cleaned once every ten days. For dogs with body odor, bathing can be more frequent, depending on the situation. It should be noted that for pets during the sick period and just after vaccination, ask the doctor whether they can take a bath.
3. It is also very important to groom your pet. It can not only make pets happy and establish the relationship between pets and pet owners, but also help pets to be neat and clean at all times and keep their appearance beautiful. special care. Especially before taking a bath, comb the coat first, so that it can be washed more cleanly.