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Open knot of pet comb

Domestic pet dogs may have furs due to various reasons. At this time, the fur cannot be combed, washed, or dried. If you go to a pet shop and ask a beautician for help at this time, you will generally be charged an “opening fee”. If it is serious, you may also face the embarrassment of having to shave it. So some owners choose to deal with it at home, but they often do not handle it properly. It can make the problem worse and even hurt the dog. So what should we do when we find hair knots?

metal pet comb

   1. First of all, don't panic when you see the knots. You must believe that the method is correct and patient enough to open it.

2. To comfort the dog, gently pull the hair knot with your hand to loosen it. Pay attention to the hair from the root to the tip of the hair, so that it will not be pulled to the skin and hurt it. When pulling, change the direction and pull it horizontally. Pull it vertically to loosen the knots slowly~ (Digression: If the knots are already knotted hard or connected to a large piece, it is recommended to ask a professional beautician to deal with it) Do not take scissors on your own terms Help it to cut, because it's easy to cut the skin by mistake! ! !

3. If you feel that the hair knots are relatively loose, you can change to the metal pet comb needle comb and start combing. When combing, you should comb it "lightly" layer by layer. Don't think that it will be combed with force. Will comb it~

   Once you feel the combing is laborious, it means you need to comb a little less each time. If the hair is very long, you can comb the tips first, then comb the middle section, and then comb the roots. Every time you open a layer, you must be able to see the skin to be considered thorough. When combing, you can also change the direction more to let the hairs loosen slowly. If you encounter big tangles, you can go back to the steps of hand, and repeat this alternately. When there are tangled hairs that require a little effort, you can pinch the end close to the root of the hair with your hands, that is, comb the "hair" so as not to involve the skin, so as to minimize the discomfort of the dog. In addition, if there are too many hairs to deal with in one day, you can divide them into multiple times, comb a little every day, and try to choose a comfortable position for the dog, with the gentle caress and massage of the owner, and the hairs will eventually become bigger with your efforts. It becomes smaller and then disappears~ But opening the knot will definitely lose some hair volume~ So the best way is to take precautions!

Some people also use metal pet combs to deal with knots, but the method of pulling the knots off directly with the combs will hurt the dog, and even cause congestion. The correct usage of the combs is actually "check". Check whether it is combed layer by layer. Once you find the hair, please change the needle comb and fingers to deal with it instead of pulling it off directly.