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In addition to using stainless steel lice comb, is there any way to remove lice from pets

In addition to using stainless steel lice comb, is there any way to remove lice from pets

Fleas and lice are parasites that many pets will encounter. They will cling to the dog's body surface and suck the dog's blood, causing the dog to appear hair loss, dander, skin dark spots, and malnutrition. And other issues. Today, I will teach you a few ways to easily prevent fleas and lice from your dog in the spring and summer, and protect your dog's health!

stainless steel lice comb

Is there any other way besides using the stainless steel lice comb to get rid of fleas and lice on the dog? When walking, the pet owner should be careful not to let the dog go to burrow in the grass, bushes, touch the garbage dump, and get too close with the stray dog. These behaviors are likely to cause the dog to get fleas and lice. Clean and disinfect the dog in time at home. The dog's living environment and equipment do not give the parasite eggs the chance to reproduce and parasitise!

Fleas and lice will hide in the dog's hair. If the pet owner is not diligent in helping the dog use the stainless steel lice comb to comb and bathe, it will give the body surface parasites a chance to multiply! In the case of few fleas and lice, the pet owner can use a stainless steel lice comb to comb and blow the dog with a vacuum cleaner to physically drive away a small number of parasites.

If you are a lazy person, then this method is simple and effective. Buy an insect repellent collar on the market and put it on your dog to prevent fleas and lice and be beautiful. But be careful if your dog is used to wearing it. Wearing a collar, will bite the collar, in order to poison the dog, it is best not to wear a deworming collar!

It is found that there are fleas and lice on the dog. The pet owner can choose to use the stainless steel lice comb and medicated bath for the dog when bathing, which can effectively repel the parasites on the dog’s body and protect the dog’s skin health. , And the side effects and toxicity are very small. If your dog doesn't like bathing, you can use snacks to induce rewards, establish beauty and hair associations, and let him cooperate obediently.

The last resort is to use district deworming drugs, but some deworming drugs are more toxic, and external deworming must prevent the dog from licking the hair and skin. Some dogs will also have poor appetite, nausea and vomiting, so they should pay attention to a light diet to reduce the irritation to the dog's intestines and stomach. Therefore, the use of stainless steel lice comb is safe and does not hurt pets.