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How to wash your dog's paws after walking the dog

How to wash your dog's paws after walking the dog

The first method is to shower with water. Simply put, go to the bathroom and take the shower head to rinse. Only wash the four claws. Just wash with water. After washing, be sure to dry it with an absorbent towel. 

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The second method of towel scrubbing is to take a pot of warm water, wet the towel, and scrub the dog's four paws with a wet towel, and then dry it again. winter;
The last one is the method I have used recently, which is a special wipe for pets. The advantage is that it is clean, sanitized, sterilized, and does not need to be dried twice, but it is too expensive. Another point to note is that when washing the dog's paws, be sure to wipe it in the direction of the dog's paw. You can observe what the dog's paws look like when they are relaxed, which is the direction of the dog's paws when the four feet are facing the sky. , just wipe in that direction, it is best not to pull the paws to clean, the dog will be very uncomfortable!