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How to use pet slicker brush

How to use pet slicker brush

How to use pet slicker brush? What kind of pet slicker brush is good? Needle comb hair removal brush is strongly recommended, the comb head has been specially treated, so you don't have to worry about hurting the cat. The needle comb is a good tool for pulling cat hair. A few brushes can brush off a piece of hair, prevent flying hair, and feel very comfortable when combing a furry child. It also has a massage effect. The angle of the comb teeth is curved. Better get down to the bottom fluff. Then there is the curved needle comb for professionally combing the bottom hair, which is denser and deeper. When using, comb gently along the direction of hair growth, lift the legs along the joints to comb, pay special attention to the head and chin.

pet slicker brush

The pet slicker brush goes deep into the hair and cleans the hair without getting stuck. The distance between the teeth is very reasonable, and it will not fly away. Easy to clean and washable. All parts can be used, head, limbs, abdomen, back. Good design, solid workmanship and good material.